HMCS Kingston

The original

The Kingston-class vessels were built as part of the Canadian Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project. There are twelve ships in this class that was preceded by the Anticosti Class (a model of this is available through Micro Boat Hobby, too). Apart from the HMCS Kingston (MM 700), designating the first unit built, eleven other vessels were built.

The Kingston class vessels serve multiple roles, both in mine sweeping services, coastal patrol and training. They have a complement of approx. 35 staff on board, and can be equipped for the different purposes using a modular system of different 20 ft. ISO containers that can be stowed on the rear deck. Seven different mission-specific modules are available. The ships use diesel-electric Z-drives with azimuth pods that can be rotated by 360°, giving them exceptional maneuverability. They are armed with a 40mm gun and two 12.7mm machine guns.

Information on the original:

    Wikipedia overview on the ship

    Photo series by the Resin Shipyard

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The model

The Model is designed in 1:200 scale. It can be built as a model for static display or as a working RC boat. It is set up to enable radio control functions (RC), with both pod drives fully functional. As the model is rather small, the model can only be used in very quiet water conditions. Additionally, the radar and lights can be set up to work. However, this model is not set up to be ready to run, it requires refinement and is only suitable for skilled model builders.

Size of the model

    scale        1:200

    length      27,7 cm

    width       4,7 cm

See the HMCS Kingston gallery for more pictures.

The assembly manual and drawings are available for download in the download section. Similarly, the basic hull (without holes, decks, and fittings) can be downloaded there.

The Kit

The kit is available through Shapeways:

  1. Only the printed parts, directly from Shapeways

  2. The total model consists of three sets of printed parts: Hull, Details 1 of 2, Details 2 of 2. The kit also includes the parts to build a static model including the shafts and props.

  3. A display stand is available, too.

  4. The assembly manual and drawings are available in the download section.

  5. In case of problems or questions, don‘t hesitate to contact me:

Source        Photo by : Christian Krajewski - Copyright © - 2001, 2002

Other sizes of the model

The model is also available in other sizes. Contact me if you desire a specific scale to fit your model collection. New scales are listed in the menu at my Shapeways store.